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Kenney Consulting offers many different services to help you bolster your business. From simple supporting services, to becoming integral members of your team, our staff is here to help your business thrive. 

Custom Reporting and Data Analysis


One of our key services is building customized reporting solutions for our clients. We can take your raw data output from nearly any existing system, and design reporting tools that will summarize and sort your data. We also create interactive controls that will allow you to view your data in different formats with the click of a button or the entry of a few keystrokes. 

Process Improvement


We are committed to helping you succeed. Part of that commitment is ensuring that your processes are as efficient and effective as possible. For this purpose, we offer Process Flow Mapping, Cause & Effect Analysis, SOP Writing and Efficiency Analysis services.



From GL accounting requirements to AP/AR, payroll, and account reconciliations, our team has the experience and knowledge to meet the financial needs of your business. 

​Operations Management


Our team is experienced with multiple facets of operations management. We provide services ranging from Project Management to Purchasing and Production Planning, Inventory and Documentation Control, Quality Management and more.



We offer training in various disciplines, from accounting and operations management to the use of software like Quickbooks, and the full array of MS Office programs (Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word).We specialize in advanced use of these programs, including the use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications programming language) to supplement their inherent functionality.

Business System Design & Development


KCS offers design and development services for business systems that help control and monitor many facets of your business. We have built Inventory Control, Shipping/Receiving, Scheduling, Human Resource Management, Asset Tracking, and Financial Management systems, as well as many others. Our systems can be designed to work with existing systems, or as a standalone management system. We can incorporate barcode and magstripe scanners, Identification card printers, and other auxiliary equipment, as your needs require. 

​Strategic Planning


KCS offers planning services from contract purchasing to logistics to production planning. We can design customized systems for your existing staff to use, or provide these services as an outside labor contract. Our solutions are custom fit to your needs, and your budget.

Marketing & Branding


Need a new website? A new company Logo? Perhaps a new slogan, or new advertising material to reach a larger customer base? We can help you identify your target audience, and develop an advertising strategy that will enhance your brand image. 

Business Establishment


KCS offers Business Registration in your state, as well as federal EIN number registration. We also register copyrighted material at the state and federal level.

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